Bush Blitz - Marshmead, Malacoota, Gippsland, 2016
Image: Rod Start, Museums Victoria.

Scientific Publications

Burns, P.A., Clemann, N., White, M. (online early). Testing the utility of species distribution modelling using Random Forests for a species in decline. Austral Ecology.

Burns, P.A. and Phillips, B. L. (online early). Time since fire is an over-simplified measure of habitat suitability for the New Holland mouse. Journal of Mammalogy.

Burns, P. A. (online early). Testing the decline of the New Holland Mouse (Pseudomys novaehollandiae) in Victoria. Australian Mammalogy.

Burns, P. A., McCall, C., Rowe, K. C., Parrott, M. L., and Phillips, B. L. (2019). Accounting for detectability and abundance in survey design for a declining species. Diversity and Distributions 25, 1655-1665.

Jenkins Shaw, J., Kwak, M.L., Burns, P.A., Solodovnikov, A. (2017). New host records of the rove beetle Myotyphlus newtoni, with notes on its association with mammals. Australian Entomologist 44, 209-212.

Burns, P. A., Parrott, M. L., Rowe, K. C., and Phillips, B. L. (2017). Identification of threatened rodent species using infrared and white-flash camera traps. Australian Mammalogy 40, 188-197.

Burns, P. A., Rowe, K. M. C., Holmes, B. P. and Rowe, K. C. (2016). Historical resurveys reveal persistence of smoky mouse (Pseudomys fumeus) populations over the long-term and through the short-term impacts of fire. Wildlife Research 42, 668-677.
Supplementary Data 

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